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OSR Dev Blog: Drivers, Storage, and Analysis

We're involved in many areas of OS internals here at OSR. ?We deal with drivers for unusual hardware, we extend OS policy in interesting ways for better system performance and reliability, we analyze difficult problems and sometimes even craft solutions for them. ?We also work with our friends at Microsoft to help shape and understand the device, driver, and file system developer experience.

As part of just about everything we do, we try to keep the community involved. ?Learning something for its own sake, or for our own use, is good. ?But learning something that you share with others? ?We think that's great.

We publish a lot of what we learn in our journal The NT Insider. ?But some things are shorter, are ideas that are still in the process of being developed, or maybe they're things that we don't want to wait until the next scheduled publication. ?In these cases, we post what we've learned and what we've been thinking about here.

Important Note: As we prepare for a major upgrade and restructuring of OSROnline, we're temporarily moving our dev blog to the OSR.COM corporate site. We'll try to post to both places for as long as possible, but until our renovation of OSR Online is complete please refer to osr.com first.

IMPORTANT NOTE: OSR Dev Blog posts are now being created and posted at http://www.osr.com/developers-blog/. Please check that location for future posts. We are listing posts from that site here, as a convenience.
Tracking an NTSTATUS to its Source
I found myself in a situation this week where I really wanted to call the Read more

Attestation Signing — It’s NOT a Mystery
All of a sudden, you can’t load your driver on 64-bit Windows.  It works sometimes.  Read more

WinDbg, Debugger Objects, and JavaScript! Oh, My!
In case you’ve missed it, there are tons of changes going on under the covers Read more

1394 Boot Debugging is Dead
TL;DR: Don’t waste your time like we did – 1394 boot debugging no longer works Read more

Is Running the HLK Tests REALLY a Best Practice?
I can hear you now, scoffing as you read the latest issue of The NT Insider: Read more

Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts

Nashua (Amherst), NH
15-19 May 2017

Writing WDF Drivers II: Advanced Implementation Techniques

Nashua (Amherst), NH
23-26 May 2017

Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis

Dulles (Sterling), VA
26-30 Jun 2017

Windows Internals and Software Driver Development

Nashua (Amherst), NH
24-28 Jul 2017


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